TOTECS Now Integrates With Micronet's HARMONiQ System



The TOTECS team is excited to announce that we have now integrated into the HARMONiQ business system, developed by the Australian software provider Micronet. This allows websites hosted on the TOTECS platform to seamlessly connect to HARMONiQ to synchronise different kinds of data, as well as import sales, quotes and payments.


For businesses currently running Micronet's Distribution System (MDS), HARMONiQ provides a logical upgrade, featuring a modern customisable user interface, industry standard Microsoft backend database, business analytics, and many of the features the Distribution system provides, such as warehouse management and stock controls. HARMONiQ may also be a great upgrade option for other businesses looking to leverage a fully featured Enterprise Resource Planning system at a fraction of the cost compared to other large enterprise systems.

Within the Connector software, the TOTECS team has provided a fully featured preset for HARMONiQ that can be set up within minutes. This can enable businesses to quickly start synchronising data from HARMONiQ to TOTECS hosted websites, as well as customise the deployed preset to their own needs. The Connector also allows HARMONiQ to seamlessly integrate with the platform, enabling smart electronic data interchange (EDI) with customer systems, as well as synchronisation of HARMONiQ products, pricing and stock availability data directly into customer's systems.

If you're interested in learning more about our integration with Micronet's HARMONiQ system feel free to talk to our eCommerce experts, drop your queries on TOTECS Forums, or watch the Connector video below that shows how the HARMONiQ integration gets set up.



Micronet Harmoniq Integration

Connector 1.19 Release video