Welcome to 2019!

TOTECS would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2019! 
This year, we are planning to bring many new updates to our platforms which will create an everlasting impact in the world of technology. We would like to kick-off this year by sharing a great success story of QCC Hospitality Supplies.

The importance of choosing the right Product Catalogue for customers
QCC Hospitality Supplies are a leading wholesale distributor of non-food restaurant and hotel supplies. Their extensive product range expands across cutlery, crockery, glassware, barware, kitchenware, tableservice, equipment, disposables and janitorial supplies. The product catalogue for QCC's website was customized by TOTECS to include Powerful Product Catalogue Search (includes product attributes and product combinations), Customer Account Pricing (includes customer assigned price group & levels) and Product Display & Cross Referencing (includes product grouping, product attachments). These are just few of the many platform features that have helped QCC achieved its business goals. 

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Let's hear it from our client, what they have to say about their experience with TOTECS: 


"When we partnered with TOTECS, our goal was to add more services to our online platform in order to maintain a competitive advantage. QCC added a product catalogue to automate the accounting functionality and offered a solution to the sales reps on road while being an extension of QCC existing system which has helped a rapidly growing group of customers to order online at a time that suits them. Since initial integration of the business during 2018, take up of the sales using online platform has increased by 1400%. The implementation team is remarkable as it considers every minor detail and service team is always there to guide. I would like to recommend TOTECS to businesses that are looking to provide their customers a complete online solution which can satisfy all business needs." - Ian from QCC Hospitality Supplies

There are plenty of platform features that can assist your business in miraculous ways, contact us now and talk to our eCommerce experts.

What’s New? Zip Pay Payment Method:
With the TOTECS Platform Release 13.00 users now have the ability to pay for orders using the Zip Pay payment service.
Content Managed website users that have been assigned the payment type "ZP", now have the ability to select Zip Pay as a payment method when checking out on the Order Check/Submission web page.
This will redirect the user to the Zip Pay website where they can login and confirm payment for the order.
The user will then be redirected back to the content managed website, where they can review the order and upon submitting the order, the Zip Pay payment will be confirmed and money transferred from Zip Pay to the business's bank account.
The user then will then need to pay back Zip Pay based on the agreed payment terms with Zip Pay.

If you want to know more about this new update, head to our YouTube Channel and in case of any queries, feel free to post it on TOTECS Forums