Platform Features

Deploy content managed mobile responsive eCommerce websites. Websites can be B2B, B2C or both. Product catalogues for each website can be segmented even though they are connected to the same inventory. Saavy web developers have full CMS access to manage all assets including HTML templates, CSS files, Javascript, content area formats. GIT repositories are included to safe guard changes.

The platform is packed with smart and intuitive navigation features so customers can search check prices and add to cart fast. Keyword search profiles offer product field selection and rules that determine search rank. Product attributes, combinations and make/model search create powerful filtering for products such as clothing styles, construction supplies or automotive parts.

Take control of the Online Promotions Cycle and send targeted outbound communication to target groups based on mixing user subscription categories and user group filters. Track and monitor the feedback and tailor targeted online Deals with automatic redemption or promotion code activation.

Provide customers with the ultimate online buying experience through fast powerful product catalogue search and flexible add to cart and checkout. Leverage the full automation benefits of robust Accounting/ERP integration and never key a sales order again. Furthermore, empower your reps on the road and give them fast and easy access to the product catalogue, customer pricing, discounting tools and account information sourced directly from the Accounting/ERP system.

Large eCommerce websites contain data that needs to be synced and managed from both the accounting/ERP system and other sources such as spreadsheets, databases and CSV files. The Accounting Connector software enables complete control over how data is synced, merged and imported to and from TOTECS. Better still, the Datasets features aids with the management of product data as the inventory grows or shrinks.

Built for B2B suppliers/distributors, larger customers prefer to punch into your eCommerce website from their system, browse the catalogue and checkout to punch back and raise a Purchase Order in their system for internal allocation and approval and end to end electronic EDI processing.