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Orca has a track record of over 20 years as a leading sports apparel brand, predominantly in the triathlon arena. Just as the triathlon embodies endurance, stamina and versatility, so does every piece in the Orca collection. They have worked tirelessly over the past two decades to evolve, innovate and perform with the athletes. Today, Orca is recognized as the preferred brand amongst new entrant and professional triathletes around the globe.

Orca joined hands with TOTECS to systematicly reform their online presence. By customizing their website, Orca have been able to match their unique brand to the exclusive website layout. Orca have defined their sales strategy to solely focus on retail users in order understand the individual needs of their customers and connecting one-on-one with every individual who choose Orca products.

This decision of customization has given them better search engine results to drive more users to their website, outperforming the competition, connecting with the customer and adapting the changing needs of the company. As the website is built to the specification business owners, it is providing the best user experience and resulting in the growth of business and customer satisfaction.

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