MYOB AccountRight Classic

MYOB AccountRight Classic


MYOB AccountRight Premier / Enterprise Classic and 2016 Live is a entry level accounting/ERP system designed for SMEs who are in the early stages of business development.  The software punches above it's weight for general accounting with familiarity across accountants and bookkeepers all over.  The inventory management and invoicing modules are entry level but comprise all the necessary ingredients to get your business trading and managing an adequate set of customer pricing configurations.  The software is suitable for distribution businesses with annual turnover between $100k and $10m.  

System Details

The MYOB 2016 Live product is a complete redevelopment of the Classic software using latest .NET and Microsoft SQL Server technology being available as both a desktop and cloud based application.

Wholesalers or distributions who have outgrown the simpler inventory management but want to keep the software for accounting may wish to consider deploying a 3rd party Warehouse Management application such as Datapel. 

If you are running multi-warehouses, the MYOB Premier Enterprise Classic is the only solution at this level of MYOB products that provides this functionality.  Multi-warehouse is not available in the new MYOB 2016 software.

MYOB provides a certain level of flexibility for blanket pricing levels with quantity break options however customer specific contact pricing is not available in the software but can be made available through TOTECS however customers must purchase online to recieved tailored discount pricing.

Special Note: For larger users of MYOB Classic (in excess of 5 simlutaneous users), the software does have limitations with file locking that may block importing of web orders at irregular times.  The TOTECS Connector responds to this situation by sending an email to notify that this has occured. To avoid this particular issue, businesses would need to consider bolting in the Datapel WMS system.  This issue does not arise with the new MYOB 2016 software.

MYOB Premier / Enterprise Classic Adapter Summary

  • Scheduled high-speed data export routines with custom field mappings with active product controls
  • Configure multi-tier web category tree using MYOB inventory customer List field
  • Full price sycnhronisation (Price Levels, Quantity Breaks, Tax Codes)
  • Personalised catalogue for certain debtors or customer groups
  • Online orders posted live to MYOB (through ODBC for Classic / API for 2016)
  • Live Account Enquiry with 2 years of history search
  • eCommerce Punchout with 3rd party systems (OCI and other protocols supported) 

Integration Details

The TOTECS Connector software is installed on the client's MYOB server or private cloud and the MYOB AccountRight Classic or AccountRight 2016 Adapter is setup and configured.

The Connector retrieves data from MYOB for both export routines and live data requests via the ODBC Driver for AccountRight Classic and the APIs for AccountRight 2016.

Data in the form of Online Orders and Account Payments are posted into MYOB via the  ODBC Driver for AccountRight Classic and the APIs for AccountRight 2016.

For a technical comparison of integration features, refer to the TOTECS Connector Documentation.