TOTECS Platform Release 11.01

Season greetings to you from everyone at TOTECS! We've hoped that you've had a great online year, full of online sales, website traffic, and in-house efficiencies. To round out the year the RnD labs have deployed release 11.01 into the TOTECS platform at the start of December, giving you some great Xmas presents to play with over the new year. The release contains 2 new features, 13 improvements, and 8 bug fixes.

In a change of format you will now be able to see the latest changes by watching the YouTube video below. This allows you to see in-depth all the details and examples on how to use the new functionality added to the platform, hopefully making it easier for you take advantage of the new and existing features in your own websites.


NEW Ultimate Search Engine Optimisation for Products, Categories, News/Blog Items, Makes and Models URLs

In content managed websites we've now added the ability to set simplified URLs for product, category, news/blog item, make and model webpages When the feature is turned on it helps search engines such as Google give these pages higher rank, since these pages may be considered of higher importance. See the 11.01 release video for more details.

NEW Host, Track and Version Control Files Using GIT Repositories


For each content managed website on the TOTECS platform there is now the ability to create and host version controlled file repositories. These "GIT" repositories allow multiple people to work on the same set of files without risk of file data being accidently overwritten, deleted or changed. These repositories can integrate tightly with files used in styling websites, or be used separately for internal company projects and workflows. Additionally access to these file repositories can be controlled with the user credentials set up in a TOTECS project.
See the 11.01 release video from 15 minutes in for more details.

NEW Display Volume Discount Product Pricing in Category/Search Listings

On content managed websites there is now the ability to show volume discount prices within category and product search listing webpage areas. This makes it easier for users to see the discounted unit prices when ordering larger quantities of each product, and can be used to entice users to buy more products.
See the 11.01 release video from 38 minutes in for more details.

NEW Display Product Attachment Files In Basket/Order Detail Listings, and Email notifications

In content managed websites, the Trade interface, and the order submission notification email there is now the ability to list attachment files with each product ordered. This allows users to see and download files related to the products they are purchasing, such as instructions, warranties, specifications, installation guides or warnings.
See the 11.01 release video from 43 minutes in for more details.


IMPROVED Browsers Remembering User Sessions After Browser Close

We've changed the way on how the platform stores user sessions in browsers. Now if a user closes their browser before logging out and opens it again, they will not need to log in again if their session is still valid. Additionally an expiration time has been set against the session cookie which is saved in the session, which ensures that browser's do not remember information about expired sessions.
See the 11.01 release video from 58 minutes in for more details.


As always there's a number of other improvements that went out with the 11.01 platform release, and the 1.07 Connector releases. Visit the Administration Centre or the forums to review the complete list of Release Notes. If you wish to be a part of the process to get a piece of functionality into the platform, please get in contact with us or visit the forum's wishlist topic. As always, until next time happy online trading :) Here's a wrap up of the new features and improvements developed over the last 12 weeks and placed into the 11.01 TOTECS platform release and 1.07 Connector release.

Available Features
  • Webpage URL routing and SEO of product, category, news/blog item, make, and model links.
  • Hosting of GIT file repositories on content managed websites.
  • Javascript event listeners for when a child product combination product is loaded in product details content managed web page areas.
  • Content managed web page javascript event listeners before and after a child combination product is loaded on a webpage.
  • Settings to upload product and category "Image Not Found" images within the Administration Centre.
  • New formats to allow volume discount prices to display on content managed web page areas such as Category Listing and Product Search Results Listing.
  • Ability to show and hide popups through the content managed web page API with Javascript.
  • Ability to show product attachments in Basket Products and Order Checkout/Submission content managed web page areas.
  • Ability to show product attachments with the Trade interface order details and order submission notification Email attachment.
  • Credit card payments made through TNS payment gateway now pass a user's IP address to allow TNS to detect payments being made from fraudulent computers.
  • Browser session cookies now set to expire after a fixed timeframe, and allow users to continue their website session if they close and reopen the browser.
Note: Some functionality may require labour for setup and configuration.

Listed below are the features that we look to work on over the next 3-24 months.
Please Note: Development is dependent on funding, demand and scheduling.

  • Category Tree Navigation Menu content managed webpage areas
  • Responsive Content Managed Website Master Templates
  • Improvements to Purchaser/Manager feature
  • News/Blogging Search content managed web page areas
  • Integration with Jiwa Enterprise Resource Planning system
  • TOTECS documentation centre
  • Emarketing enhancements
  • Integration with ReadySell Enterprise Resource Planning system
Google server traffic request statistics

The 11.01 TOTECS release now allows administrator users to easily set the "Image Not Found" placeholder images that appear on content managed websites and within the Trade interface. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Administration Centre.
  2. Click on the Inventory menu button.
  3. Click on the Images settings menu item.
  4. Under the Product Image Settings section, next to the Product Not Found Image click on the Choose File button.
  5. Locate a PNG image file on your computer that you wish to replace the previous "image not found" image with.
  6. Click on the Update button.

The new image file will be uploaded and resized for the different sized product images. Once uploaded you will be able to see the new image appear under the Product Not Found Image setting. Note that some users their browsers may cache/remember the older "Not Found" image, and over time the browsers will load the newer image. Also note that the same set of steps can be used to set the category "Image Not Found" place holder image by modifying the "Category Not Found" image setting.

If you have ideas like to make the platform better, please post them on our wishlist forum.