TOTECS Platform Release 12.00

The TOTECS team is proud to present the 12.00 platform release, adding 11 improvements, 1 new feature, and 9 bug fixes to the Ecommerce platform. You can see all the new changes at work by watching the release video.

The changes developed during spring include a number of features to help big businesses and government departments order products quicker and more effectively. This includes additional settings in the Purchaser Manager Approvals feature to be able to limit managers to only approve pending orders within a specified order total range. This is very useful if a business has multiple managers, who each control spending up to a certain limit.

Additionally there is now the ability to assign users directly to multiple accounts. This provides more flexibility for users being able to switch accounts and order across multiple accounts (similar to the Repspace feature). This is very useful if a customer has multiple accounts representing separate departments or locations within their own business. It is also useful for sales reps and other employees viewing account details or creating orders for a limited range of selected accounts.

A number of other improvements have been added to the content managed websites including the ability to show location based stock availability, and dimensions of products in Basket Listing areas. Check out the release video below to see all the changes in action.

View all release highlights from start to finish


Learn about how users can be directly assigned to multiple customer accounts. This can allow users to view the details, create orders, view invoices and other recirds, as well as pay for invoices across each of their assigned customer accounts (debtors).



Learn about how the Purchaser Manager Approvals feature now can allow restrictions to be placed on manager users so that they can only approve orders of certain order totals.


Learn how the dimensions of products can now be displayed and embedded with the Basket Product Listing areas on content managed web pages.


See how content managed web pages can now show the stock availability at a specific location for a user, based on the primary location assigned to their customer account. This is useful when you store stock across multiple locations and want users to see stock at their designated location.


See how child products assigned to a parent combination product can now be displayed in a list within a Product Combination content managed web page area.
See the latest changes made to TOTECS sister platform, to allow your customers to load and pay for invoices directly through the platform with credit card payments. This can make life easier for your customers since they can use a single sign-on to view, search for and pay invoices across multiple suppliers in the platform. Additionally it allows your staff to quickly look up and view details of your customer accounts (debtors). If you are ready to join the next revolution of Ecommerce come talk to us about getting started.