TOTECS Platform Release 13.00

Over spring of 2018 the TOTECS team to excited to bring you 1 new feature, 9 improvements and 7 bug fixes into the TOTECS platform through the 13.00 release.

Included in this release is the new Zippay payment method that can be embedded within all content managed websites hosted on the TOTECS platform. This allows businesses to offer an "Order Now Pay Later" payment method to customers, where customers can pay no upfront cost for an order, and instead let Zippay initially pay for the order. Businesses still get paid by Zippay upfront, and customers pay Zippay back over a series of smaller regular payments.

Watch the first 3 minutes of the release video to get a brief overview of the great new enhancements we've made in the release, as well as watch in-depth detail on all the important improvements. Also feel free to subscribe to the TOTECS youtube channel to stay in the know, or talk to us on the TOTECS forums

Many happy regards from the TOTECS team.

Release Highlights

View all release highlights from start to finish


Learn how to set up Zippay payment type to allow customers to raise orders and pay later using Zippay.



Learn how invoice credit card payments can be set up to apply a surcharge to the payment.


See how values set in Basket Product Fields by users can be seen in Basket Listing and Order Checkout/Submission content managed web page areas.
Learn how tax-free tax codes can be assigned to order lines when customers have orders delivered to overseas addresses.


See how administrator users can customise the content of a location that is displayed when clicked on within the Location Finder map.


See how Approve and Decline buttons can now be used within the Pending Order Detail content managed web page areas to allows Purchaser Managers and Sales Reps to approve or decline orders that they are viewing.


Learn how administrator users can now filter by date range the statistics that display within the Product, Category and User Performance statistics Admin Centre interfaces.