Data Management & Integration

Accounting / ERP Connector Software

  • Windows Service Connector Application with Database Installed on the Client's Server / VM
  • Locally Managed SQL-Lite Database Files for Easy Backup and Management
  • Easy Upgrade Mechanisms for Windows Service / Desktop App
  • Desktop Application Installed for Relevant Users
  • Works Great in Remote Desktop Environments (RDP)
  • Built In Scheduler for Import / Export / EDI Tasks
  • Maintains Adapters for Multiple Accounting / ERP Systems
  • Built In Management for Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Account Payments
  • Built In Management for Datasets (see below)
  • Automatic Email Notifications For Alerts
  • Secure Links to TOTECS and over HTTPS

Accounting / ERP Adapters

  • Prebuilt Adapters for Supported Accounting / ERP Systems (see integrations)
  • Generic Adapter for Custom Data Sources (Ie, Accounting Systems / ERP Systems / Business Software / SQL Server / ODBC / Web Services APIs / XML / Excel / CSV)
  • Automatic Email Notifications For Adapter Related Alerts
  • Secure Linkages to TOTECS and Managed Through Adapter Keys
  • Adapter Level Error and Debug Logging

Exporting / Importing Data From Accounting / ERP to TOTECS

  • Structured Export Routines as Specified In the eCommerce Standards Documents
  • Set Source and Destination Data Field Mappings
  • Set Data / SQL Query Conditions
  • In Built Data Export Testing Tool to Verify Queries
  • Merge Data from Other Adapters using Data Routing
  • Manually Run Imports / Exports or Add To Scheduler
  • Configure Both Live and Scheduled Imports / Exports

Managing Product Datasets

  • Create an Unlimited Set of Databases To Set and Store Product Catalogue Data
  • Set / Store Data For Product Details
  • Set / Store Data For Product Category Trees
  • Set / Store Data For Product Attributes (uses product names for automatic data introspection)
  • Set / Store Data For Product Combinations (uses product names for automatic data introspection)
  • Set / Store Data For Related Products
  • Filter Any Data Field For Easy Management
  • Copy and Paste to Excel Feature
  • Fill Down Feature
  • Use Data Routing or SQL Merge Tools for Imports / Exports

Sales and Purchase Order, Payments Management

  • Realtime Grid View Showing Live Activity
  • Manual Override for Posting to Accounting / ERP
  • Reimport Tool for Posting to Accounting / ERP
  • Document Inspection (view all data fields and lines)
  • Document Modification (for testing and verification)
  • Automatic Email Notifications For Document Related Alerts