Jiwa ERP System

Jiwa is an Australian owned and operated company delivering efficient ERP Solution inventory control, and distribution management software for a range of industries across the globe. For more than a decade the company has had three major aims:

  • To build quality financial software that is truly scalable, capable of growing with it's customers as their businesses grow.
  • To deliver a financial solution that was designed from the ground up to meet Australian and New Zealand business and regulatory requirements.
  • To stay close to their markets, keeping the company including all software development and product support local.

Jiwa 7 can help your company build and grow into new markets and capitalise on the evolving business opportunities – keeping businesses in control.

It is a fully integrated financial management solution that enables fast month end reporting so that businesses know where they are at the end of each month. Businesses don’t need to stop processing or do any special month end functions that can’t be done while everything else continues. Jiwa 7 enables businesses to leverage the power of technology, through a rich and proven feature set to give businesses control and productivity improvement to th people. With Jiwa 7 you can get stuck into growing your business knowing the ERP Solution will grow with you.


Jiwa Integration With TOTECS Hosted Websites


The TOTECS platform is able to integrate with the Jiwa business system software, enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate their Ecommerce websites hosted on the TOTECS platform with Jiwa using TOTECS's robust Connector software. The Connector software enables automated synchronisation of the following data from Jiwa:

  • Products (Inventory)
  • Product Stock Availability
  • Product Alternate Codes
  • Product Combinations (Using style, size and colour inventory data)
  • Categories
  • Pricing
    • Price Levels
    • Price-Level Pricing
    • Price-Level Quantity Break Pricing
    • Customer Pricing
      • Debtor Price Rules
      • Debtor Price Groups
      • Debtor Classification Price Rules
      • Inventory Pricing Groups
      • Inventory Classifications
  • Customer Accounts (Debtors)
    • Payment Terms
    • On Hold Status
    • Payment Methods
    • Balance and Payment Limit
  • Customer Account Addresses
  • Customer Contracts (Using special pricing data)
  • Locations
    • Location Product Stock Availability
    • Customer Account Assigned Locations
  • Payment Types
  • Sales Representatives
  • Taxcodes

Extended Data Synchronisation and Customisation

The Connector synchronisation to Jiwa's system can be further extended to enable the following data, either managed through custom fields in Jiwa, or via merging data from other data sources (such as spreadsheets, Connector Data Sets, databases, supplier systems, or web services):

  • Product Kits
  • Product Images
  • Product Attachments
  • Related Products
  • Make/Model
  • Surcharges (freight, credit card, minimum order fees)
  • Currency Exchange Rates

Real-time Querying of Jiwa's System Data

The integration between Jiwa and TOTECS enables customers to look up the following Jiwa data in real time from a TOTECS hosted website:

  • Invoices
  • Sales Orders
  • Back Orders
  • Credits
  • Payments
  • Transactions
  • Product Stock Availability
  • Customer Account Status

Transaction based records can be filtered by date range, record number, or invoices that are outstanding/overdue. Sales representatives can be given permission to query records across many different debtors that they are allowed to access.

Automated Data Importing Into Jiwa's System

The TOTECS platform enables the following data to automatically import into Jiwa's system, removing manual data entry as well as associated costs and errors:

  • Sales Orders
    • Sales Order Product Lines
    • Payments
    • Surcharges
    • Location Details
    • Freight Carrier Details
    • Sales Representative Assigned Orders
    • Instructions
    • Delivery and Billing Addresses
  • Customer Invoice Payments

Automated Electronic Data Interchange With Customers and Suppliers via SQUIZZ.com

TOTECS's Connector can also be used with SQUIZZ.com to automate purchasing and selling work flows between a business's suppliers and customers systems with Jiwa's system, also known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). SQUIZZ.com enables customers to automatically push through purchase orders directly from their own systems, enabling sales orders to automatically be raised, validated, then pushed through to Jiwa's system via the Connector software. Additionally purchase orders in Jiwa's system can be pushed to supplier systems using SQUIZZ.com, reducing time and costs in procurement and integration processes.

The TOTECS team can help connect a business running Jiwa's system to SQUIZZ.com to automate selling and purchasing between its supplier and customer systems, enabling connected businesses to save time, reduce costs, and add efficiencies to its operations, without having to deal with costly one-on-one software integrations.